The Goal

The goal of this project was to integrate newly learnt UX skills with Web design. Fully functional prototypes of a fully responsive site was to be created, and then coded using html and css.


The early planning of this project involved many steps. Firstly, the major tasks and needs of the users had to be established, as well as potential personas for users of this site. By establishing these, research of competitors or similar sites began. After this, the early beginnings of prototypes were created in the form of sketches.


Following the preliminary research and planning, I began creating the prototype in Adobe Xd. Each page was created in desktop and mobile versions to demonstrate how the site would scale to different screen sizes. The creation of the prototype included the creation of any icons and the gathering of any imagery needed for the actual site, so when the time came to code, all my images and other elements were already organized and named properly.

After completing a functioning prototype, with versions for mobile and desktop, user testing was conducted to refine the usability of the site and it's tasks and ensure it had good flow. After this was completed, coding began.

icons used for 8 bitify SAAS site

Final Product

The final product consisted of a fully responsive faux SAAS website that promoted usability and functionality via the UX skills put to use and intent to design for accessibility.

an example of 8 bitify's desktop version on an ipad
an example of 8 bitify's mobile version on an iphone
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