The Goal

This project had myself and my team create a brand and working prototype for an HR App based around ones first day of work at a new job.


The Planning of this app revolved around finding ways to simplify the “first day” process, in turn reducing turnover and improving employee satisfaction for businesses subscribed to the First Day Kit. We decided the best way to do so was to create a portal for new employees to use to transition smoothly into their new place of work. The portal then created around the idea that a new employee could sign in and get all the information to integrate into their new work enviroment in one place, using things like a work calender or any resources they need.


Production began with the creation of the branding. To work well as a team we simply created a backlog with individual tasks (for example, “write content for the “people” page), which were then assigned to team members. This helped us stay organized and on track. Our first task was to create a logo for the brand and decide on a brand colour palette. Once we had finalized the logo, we had to pick a typeface that would suit our watermark. We went with Work Sans, which we then edited in illustrator to have rounded corners, so it would suit our logo better.

After the content was written, we began creating illustration assets for the portal. We had to develop a consisten style and apply it to all illustrations throughout the portal.

examples of illustrations used within the first day kit portal

Once we had begun illustrations and developed a strong brand, we focused our attention to the creation of the portal. We began work on a high fidelity prototype using Adobe XD, which we then made fully interactive to give a sense realness when using the prototype.

Final Product

This process left us with a highly functional, high fidelity prototype of the FDK portal, as well as a branding guideline for future use.

an example of first day kit's desktop version on an ipad
an example of first day kit's mobile version on an iphone
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