The Goal

The objective of this project was to create an 11x17 illustration that displayed some sort of process, while using only isometric angles.


The concept chosen for this illustration was the evolution of Apple computers and its products over the last few decades. The early randitions of this project consisted of sketches of smaller elements that would later be put into the larger illustration. I tested out drawing different apple devices, people, and office furniture. Once this was done, actions were created to make building the isometric illustration easier. I created one for the left and right sides of objects, as well as top. By doing this, I only had to create a front facing shape and then run the action to transform it into an isometric version.


Once my sketches and concept were approved and finalized, and all my Illustrator actions were created, I just began build the scene. I started by creating the enviroment itself, and then moved on to create any desks and shelves.

Following this, I created the computers as well as some desk top elements such as books and paper trays. I also added calenders to all of the office spaces to display the year. After adding general items, I decided to add more items that tied each space to its era. I did so through things like coffee cups and glasses.

a set of smaller items created for the isometric illustration, such as coffee mugs, plants, office supplies, and more

The final things added to the illustration were office workers and chairs. Both the workers and chairs helped tie the spaces to specific eras even futher, through the characters styles and the build of the chairs (and yoga balls!).

examples of the people and chairs created for the isometric illustration

Final Product

The final version of this product is the fully completed illustration, with multiple different spaces, each with its own aesthetic and style. I added many small elements to create a lively space, and tried to capture each era through not only the computers, but also the surrounding items.

the finished illustration depicting an office space with different era's depicated in each office booth