Candy Corn Construction

an animation of candy corn being created on a conveyer belt

The intent of this piece was to create a looping gif. I aimed for playful content and bright colour use to make it a fun and interesting piece. I tried to keep it clean though as well though to keep it at a low file size. I use Illustrator to create the illustration. After Effects was used to animate it. I simply created my animation, and made sure my first and last keyframe were the same, to ensure a perfect loop. Photoshop was used to export the mp4 into a gif.

Optometry Brand Animation

The purpose of this project was to bring a previous logo/brand I had created into a motion piece. I chose the optometry brand because I believed it would be fun to play around with animating a person. I created the illustration in Illustrator, and used After effects to get it all moving. I created the sense of 3D movement of the face by putting different layers of the face on a parallax, making it seem 3D when the face moves. The puppet tool was used to create the movement in hair.

Bagel Boy Takes a Stroll

This video incorporated strong aesthetic with experimentation using a walk cycle animation. I used Photoshop to create the background, Illustrator for the characters, and After Effects to bring it all together.

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